"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."

Anthony Robbins



Worldwide techniques of personal and team excellence. During seminars the participants are provided with universal knowledge, which is easily applied in daily work situations.

  » Springboard Stories: inspiration and motivation of other by using words

Duration: 8 academic hours

Trainer: expert of public speaking Chris Nichol

What is it? It‘s a one day practical seminar, with a possibility of having extra consultations. It is best suited for managers and sales people. During the seminar participants master a practice of Springboard Stories, which is designed to improve communication, presentation, motivation of others and to better use possibilities given by language. The seminar helps to become charismatic orators, to inspire audience more, to influence choices of others more skillfully and to ignite them for action.

  » Thinking Hats: methodology of team creativity and decision making

Duration: 8 academic hours

Trainer: certified to work with deBono methods/techniques Stepas Šafranauskas

What is it? In the seminar participants examine a methodology of Edward de Bono (acknowledge worldwide as a father of creativity), which is based on principles of parallel thinking. This methodology is intended to help a group of people to examine questions, situations or problems by looking at them from six different angles, which are symbolized by hats. Effectiveness manifests itself, when different people at the same time think in one direction. This allows to better use team advantage solving various problems and to making mutual decisions. This a more efficient way of thinking, designed to improve meetings and discussions.

  » Mind Mapping: universal technique for creativity and effective thinking

Duration: 8 academic hours

Trainer: consultant - practitioner Stepas Šafranauskas

What is it? This is seminar about a universal notetaking technique acknowledge worldwide and meant to better use the possibilities and thinking potential provided by human mind. In the seminar participants examine the principles, which allow increase minds creativity, manage thoughts, ideas and complicated information more efficiently. This technique greatly improves attention, apprehension of situation, learning, memory, planning, organizing, problem solving and decision making.

  » Emotional Freedom: an ability to choose a desirable reaction to events and situations

Duration: 8-16 academic hours

Trainer: psychologist Diana Bumblytė

  » Silva Method: a development of intuition, mind and energy

Duration: 8-16 academic hours

Trainer: certified Silva method consultant Vygandas Pikčiūnas

What is it? Silva method is a unique mind management system, based on newest scientific research and using achievements in anatomy, biology, medicine, psychology. It provides lots of possibilities to know yourself, your hidden resources and mind potential and to use this in all areas of work and life.



  » Understanding Character: how to understand actions of oneself and others better

8 academic hours, Diana Bumblytė

  » Positive Thinking: how to think and to act more positively in various situations of life

16 academic hours, Renata Vainilaitienė

  » Strong Yourself: pilotage of personal trust and confidence

8-16 academic hours, Renata Vainilaitienė

  » Creativity Genius: discovery of creative powers

8-16 academic hours, Renata Vainilaitienė

  » Brain Storm: liberation of creative thought and action

4-8 academic hours, Stepas Šafranauskas

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