"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

Martin Luther King

skills development programs 

It‘s a development form based on gradual growth by acquiring knowledge and skills “step by step”. STEP by STEP academy consists of short (4–8 academic hours) seminars, with learning of relevant skills or methodologies, quick application of new abilities in practice and strengthening of them with the help of individual assignments and e-learing.



  » Emotional competence: influencing self and others behaviour

8 x 4 academic hours


  » Innovation and Creativity: from idea to exceptional and valuable results

Creativity at Work: how to find better ways of getting results

Innovation Team: how to more effectively tap your organization‘s creative potential

Creative Problem Solving: how to rationally solve problems and make decisions

Idea Generation: how to internalize innovative methods to find ideas

Developing Creative Powers: how to free your imagination, spontaneity and natural abilities

Effective Meetings: how to improve efficiency and productivity in meetings

  » Personal Excellence: from individual results to common achievement

Effective Time Management: how to effectively plan your time in order to achieve defined goals

Rapid Skill Development: how to actively take advantage of opportunities for personal development

Better knowing of oneself: how to give sense to personal goals better

Strengthen Productivity: how to strengthen personal activity and efficiency

The Power of Positive Thinking: how to think and act positively in various life situations

Career Planning: how to clearly see individual career opportunities

Work-Life Balance: how to balance work and personal life

Stress and Pressure Management: how to rid yourself of internal tension and constraints

  » Communication and Cooperation: from personal management to smooth team work

Emotional Competence at Work: how to better understand and influence your and your co-workers‘ behaviour

Influential Leadership: how to inspire others by example

Constructive Conflict Management: how to actively solve conflict situations

Effective Communication: how to improve interpersonal communication and understanding

Public Speaking: how to perfect presentation skills

Effective Presentation: how to improve kaip tobulinti presentation abibity

Body Language at Work: how to better interpret people‘s behaviour and emotions

Interpersonal Relations: how to better get along with co-workers

Effective Networking: how to successfully create and take advantage of business contacts

  » Thinking and Information management: from thoughts to valuable actual information

Mind-Maps: how to increase thinking powers

Active Thinking: how to use various aids to help the thinking process

Rapid Information Management: how to effectively manage relevant information, news, and ideas

Analytical and Creative Thinking: how to better take advantage of all types of thinking

Memory Development: how to easily internalize complex information

Speed Reading and Comprehension: how to increase the speed your read and comprehend

Writing Dynamics and Effect: how to quicker and more persuasively express thoughts in writing

  » Initiative and Motivation: from internal freedom to expressing team enthusiasm

Personal Authenticity: how to become more memorable and valued

Greater Motivation: how to encourage inspiration for exceptional achievements

The Anatomy of Success: how to better understand the value and success of projects in action

The Space of Initiative: how to build personal strengths

Passionate work and life: how to perform mundane tasks more enthusiastically


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